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Environmental Protection

Qingdao kesija Industry Co., Ltd. mainly provides ball mill rubber liner plates,sieve plates, wear-resistant pipes for the international mining, chemical and building materials industries, and has a complete process system from rubber vulcanization, mechanical processing to general assembly.
Since its establishment, the company has set up an external environmental protection department, making annual plans every year, and holding a meeting once a month to find out the problems in the company’s environment and make countermeasures for improvement. With the increasingly severe environmental protection work, the company has set up a special safety and health management course since April 2011, mainly to further strengthen the management of safety and environmental protection.In May 2012, a new hazardous waste storage warehouse was built, and anti-seepage treatment was carried out on the ground of the warehouse,effectively eliminating the underground leakage of waste oil. With the production of rubber vulcanization production line,  
Environmental Protection

effectively eliminating the underground leakage of waste oil. With the production of rubber vulcanization production line,the company has invested in the construction of sewage treatment facilities for the treatment of waste oil and water generated in the vulcanization production process, and invested more than 200000 yuan in December 2018 to set up a new set of dust removal facilities to dust the exhaust gas of the gas furnace chimney. Now, the company’s waste water and waste gas can meet the discharge standards. The company obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certification in 2005, and successively won the honorary title of “advanced environmental protection unit” awarded by Qingdao Environmental Protection Bureau and the Party Working Committee of development zone. In June 2012, the former general manager of the company was awarded the title of “top ten environmental protection model enterprises” in Qingdao.
Environmental Protection

In the future, our work will focus on the establishment of CO2 low emission enterprises and publicity activities to enhance environmental

 awareness. Through the investigation of the power consumption, gas consumption, tap water consumption, oil consumption and paper consumption of each department of the company, the excellent CO2 reduction cases from all walks of life and customers are absorbed, 

so as to urge each department to make their own reduction plans and plans, and timely monitor the progress. In terms of publicity, in order 

to improve the environmental awareness of all employees, we plan to carry out four different forms of environmental protection publicity

 activities in the company every year to let everyone understand the importance of environmental protection. In addition, it will also plan to cooperate with relevant local departments or enterprises to carry out public welfare environmental protection activities beneficial to the local environment.

Environmental News

Today, with the rapid development of the world, scientific and technological achievements are more and more developed. When people feel the convenience and comfort of science and technology, they do not want to see the green landscape disappear, and environmental problems become more and more serious.

The relationship between man and nature is coexistence rather than conquest. The frequent occurrence of flood and debris flow has caused many problems. Therefore, we must advocate and establish the concept of harmony between man and nature, so that the concept of environmental protection can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

So far, kosga, as a Chinese corporate citizen, is increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection. Kosga is a manufacturer of wear-resistant rubber products. Our material comes from natural rubber trees. We are grateful for the gift of nature, and kosga has an indispensable responsibility in protecting green resources.

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